Drawing for Comics: Advanced – Lesson 02

my first zine

I used to make this fanzine when I was 12 with my friends on the school photocopier

Resources and Guides for making your own Comics!

World Comics Finland

World Comics Finland

Cartoonist Conspiracy guide making mini comics!

Cartoonist Conspiracy

Jesse Acosta – Build your own mini comic

Jesse Acosta – Mini Comics

Mini Comics Day resources

MIni Comics Day

Kickstarter – Crowd sourcing


Conventions to sell your Comics at! (or just to go to!). 

Comica – Comiket – London


MCM – Comic Con – London


Thought Bubble Leeds


East London Comic Art festival – London


BD Comics & Passion – London


Alternative Press Festival – London


ICE – International Comic Expo – Birmingham

A list of more coventions in the UK can be found here http://www.comicconventions.co.uk/comicconventions/

 If you wanted to get a little more advanced – Desk Top Publishing /Image Editing/Digital Painting software 

Adobe Indesign/Photoshop Training at Citylit
City Lit – Indesign Course City Lit – Photoshop Course
Scribus – Open source DTP Software (like Indesign but free).
Gimp – Open Source Image editing software ( Like Photoshop but free ).
Gimp – Image Editing
Krita – Open source image editing & Digital Painting software ( Like Photoshop/Painter – FREE )
Krita – Digital Painting
My Paint – Open source Digital Painting software ( Like Painter & Sketchbook Pro – FREE )
My Paint – Digital Painting


Drawing Stylus


I love this thing, and its really cheap!

Huion H610 Frenden – Huion H610 review More info on drawing tablets here


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